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    We develop, produce and distribute a wide range of bandages, sterile surgical dressings, incision drapes, adhesive sutures strips and advance medical devices for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds worldwide.

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    For years, Eurofarm have been a leader Italian manufacturing company within the Para-pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Innovation
    Made in Italy
    Made in Italy

    Wound care Products

    We developed a complete line of medical devices for the wound care industry using selected raw materials.

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  • Attention to detail
    Pursuit of perfection

    Medical Devices

    We manufacture Tracheostomy pads.

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  • Experience and consolidated know how
    We focus on customers needs

    Medical devices

    We manufacture incise drapes with Iodine.

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  • Full range of wound care products
    created with selected raw material

    Medical Devices

    We manufacture transparent polyurethane dressings.

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  • Hospital Line

    Wide range of advanced medical devices to provide the best solutions for patients and hospital staff.

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  • Quality combined
    to production flexibility

    Pharmacy Line

    Specialized in research, production and distribution of a wide range of first-aid plasters, sterile surgical dressings, incision drapes and bandages.

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  • Research and development
    We always search for new tecnologies

    Hospital Line

    Advance Medical Devices for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds.

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Eurofarm Spa is a leading medical device manufacturing company specialized in research, production and distribution of a wide range of first-aid plasters, sterile surgical dressings, incision drapes, bandages and advance medical devices for the treatment of wounds and skin lesions.

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Technological innovation

Eurofarm covers an area of ​​32,000 m2 of which 13,000 m2 are offices, warehouses and controlled microclimate environments among other production activities.

The company has a modern clean room class 100.000 of 800 m2, a quality control laboratory of advanced technology and a sophisticated ethylene oxide ETO sterilization chamber. This allow carrying out research and continuous development of new products and production technologies, all in a fully integrated facility.

About us

relevant products

Sterile Dressings

Eurosuture are adhesive sterile strips for skin sutures, resisting to tensile stresses, conformable, made of reinforced non-woven fabric in polyester

Wound cleaning

VULNOMED is a sterile isotonic saline spray solution based on Silver chloride and Aloe vera for the cleansing, irrigation and

Euroderm Incise
Incision drapes

The surgical incise drape Euroderm Incise is a transparent film of sterile polyurethane adhesive, anti-static, non-reflective

Tracheostomy Dressings

Tracheopad is an aluminised non-woven dressing, especially designed for use around tracheotomies, nephrostomies and large calibre drains

Euroderm Foam
PU Foam Dressings

Euroderm Foam is a Multilayered hydrocellular polyurethane foam with full hydroactive area

Orthopedic & Sports Line

Eurotape is a white and rigid adhesive bandage, highly hypoallergenic, made of 1OO% selective viscose fabric with Zinc Oxide adhesive mass

Euroderm IV R

Highly flexible and resistant polyurethane film, reinforced with a non-woven polyester fabric support for extra strength ensuring reliable fixation for

Eurocell Hydro
Carboxymethylcellulose Dressings

On contact with the wound exudates, CMC forms a crystal clear gel which helps to keep a moist environment to

Hydroactive Micronized Silver Dressings

Silvermed is a ready for use sterile island dressing with a central absorbent and non-adherent pad with silver ions