Our History

  • 1979 - Eurofarm was born from Alfio Finocchiaro commercial experience and entrepreneurial intuition
  • 1980 - Starts the production of patches and strips
  • 1985 - Creation and development of the surgical adhesive dressings range
  • 1988 - Design and implementation of a new coating range
  • 1996 - Obtaining EC and requirements achievement for the main quality certifications
  • 1997 - Planning and realization of ethylene oxide sterilization plant
  • 1998 - Construction of a new production site of 2,000 sqm
  • 1999 - Realization of a modern clean room of approximately 800 sqm and a technology advanced quality control laboratory
  • 2000 - Design and realization of production plant for coating transparent polyurethane film line
  • 2000 - Creation and development of new advanced dressings for chronic wounds
  • 2001 - Realization of a combustor for the abatement of emissions into the atmosphere
  • 2002 - Construction of a new plant for mass production of zinc oxide adhesive solvent
  • 2004 - Installations for automatic packaging
  • 2005 - Realization of new plant for the production of surgical incision blankets and antibacterial wound dressings
  • 2007 - Creation of a polyurethane foam dressings range
  • 2008 - Construction of a new 4,000 sqm production site
  • 2009 - Eurofarm changes the logo. The word "Eurofarm" is created in a fancy blue color, combined with an imprint of circular shape in which appears a series of small circles of green color arranged in a cross among other small circles of blue color
  • 2012 - New management: Dr. Lidia Finocchiaro takes over his father Alfio Finocchiaro as Managing Director
  • 2013 - In order to help its customers by providing a complete line for advanced dressings and more. In 2013 it was born: VULNOMED, the salt spray solution
  • 2013 - EUROTAPE ELASTIC (kinesio tape) elastic patch for functional bandages
  • 2013 - Eurofarm aims to be at the "service of health and people", operates in hospitals and through distributors in Italy and abroad, in 2014 creates the PHARMACY LINE
  • 2015 - Eurocell Hydro is a sterile non-woven tissue dressing made of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) fibers, highly absorbent and conformable. Holds the exudate between the fibers and does not release it
  • 2016 - Enteralfix - Adhesive tape for fixing nasogastric tubes for enteral feeding
  • 2016 - Flebimed forte is a non-adherent compressive monoelastic bandage with high extensibility (170%), in cotton and polyurethane of skin color, hypoallergenic and breathable, reusable, resistant to repeated tractions and washes, sterilisable
  • 2016 - Eurofarm over the years has built a leading position, offering new solutions for wound care and not only, for this reason it invests in research and development by collaborating with the University Hospital of Catania for research and creation of new products and improvement continuous of the existing ones
  • 2018 - Eurofarm obtains FDA certification and begins to export its products to the United States of America

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