Incision drapes

Euroderm incise

The surgical incise drape Euroderm Incise is a transparent film of sterile polyurethane adhesive, anti-static, non-reflective which makes clearly visible the incision area.

Euroderm Incise is intended to be used as mechanical barrier for surgical incisions.

The film, permeable to gas and moisture, but impermeable to liquids and bacteria, protects the area from any contamination and allows breathe, preventing moisture accumulate under the drape.

Euroderm Incise is latex free.


Transparent film of sterile polyurethane adhesive

  • Conformable, flexible and elastic: the flexibility and conformability of the film makes it suitable for the most difficult areas of intervention.
  • Perfect adhesion: the drape adheres firmly to the skin surrounding the incision area for the whole duration of the intervention, thus avoiding the use of hooks.
  • Thin but strong: the film is very strong and tear-resistant but can be clearly incise with a surgical scalpel
  • The film creates a sterile incision area: the drape guarantees a sterile surgical area and protects it from contamination
  • Adheres to the edge of the wound.
  • Avoid lateral migration of bacteria into the wound.
  • Non-reflective surface that provides perfect visibility of the incision area.
  • Ideal in cases where the manipulation is required during surgery (hip prosthesis).
  • Liquids and bacteria proof.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Recommended for all surgeries: Orthopaedics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Cardiac and thoracic surgery
  • Ophthalmic surgery Paediatric surgery
Ref. Product Size Unit of sales
717710 EURODERM INCISE cm 10 X cm 24 10 pcs
717715 EURODERM INCISE cm 15 X cm 26 10 pcs
717730 EURODERM INCISE cm 30 X cm 26 10 pcs
717740 EURODERM INCISE cm 40 X cm 34 10 pcs
717742 EURODERM INCISE cm 42 X cm 42 10 pcs
717744 EURODERM INCISE cm 44 X cm 26 10 pcs
717745 EURODERM INCISE cm 45 X cm 55 10 pcs
717750 EURODERM INCISE cm 50 X cm 90 10 pcs
717760 EURODERM INCISE cm 60 X cm 52 10 pcs
717770 EURODERM INCISE cm 70 X cm 80 10 pcs
717780 EURODERM INCISE cm 80 X cm 60 10 pcs
717790 EURODERM INCISE cm 90 X cm 80 10 pcs