CMC dressings

Eurocell hydro

Eurocell Hydro® is a highly absorbent, conformable and wet integral wound dressing incorporating with the Carboxymethly Cellulose (CMC) super gelling technology

On contact with the wound exudates, CMC forms a crystal clear gel which helps to keep a moist environment to support the wound healing process and aid in the removal of nonviable tissue from the wound, without damaging newly formed tissue.

Eurocell Hydro® CMC dressing is designed for the management of moderate to heavily exuding partial and full-thickness chronic wounds and it is indicated for acute wounds, it controls minor bleeding in superficial wounds.


Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) fibers 100%

  • Absorbency, capacity to absorb high levels of exudates during use.
  • Fluid Retention, capacity to retain exudate under compression.
  • Wet Strength, to remain intact when being removed from the wound bed.
  • EUROCEL HYDRO CMC Dressing can be left in place up to 7 days where clinically indicated (except for burns where it can be left in place up to 14 days).
  • Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (stage II-IV) and diabetic ulcers.
  • Cavity wounds.
  • Surgical wounds.
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns.
  • Traumatic wounds.
  • Exudates absorption in oncology wounds (eg. Fungating cutaneous tumors, cutaneous metastases and Kaposi’s sarcomas).
Ref. Product Size Unit of sales
895005 EUROCELL HYDRO 5 cm X 5 cm 10 pcs
895010 EUROCELL HYDRO 10 cm X 10 cm 10 pcs
895015 EUROCELL HYDRO 15 cm X 15 cm 5 pcs
895012 EUROCELL HYDRO 10 cm X 20 cm 5 pcs