Silver pad dressings


Silvermed is a ready for use sterile island dressing with a central absorbent and non-adherent pad with silver ions. The pad has an antibacterial effect that uses silver advanced technology to promote healing in a moist controlled environment.

Silver is hydro-activated in a controlled manner by exudate. Silver ions are released in proportion to the amount of exudate and bacterial burden directly into the wound bed.

It creates a moist environment ideal for a rapid healing and acts as a barrier to bacterial penetration, preventing infection to the wound; Thanks to its metallic silver micronized and non-adherent layer it does not stick to the wound, making dressing change atraumatic.

Silvermed does not release silver residues.


  • There are no absolute contraindications for using Silvermed.
  • Do not use for individuals with known sensitivity to any of the dressing components.
  • Due to presence of antimicrobial silver ions, the experience with neonates/small babies is limited.
  • Do not use on patients who are undergoing MRI.


Sterile island dressing with a central highly absorbent non adherent pad with silver

  • Permeable to air and water vapor
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft
  • Atraumatic change
  • Dressing adapts to any anatomical part of the body
  • It is ready to use and does not require any activation
  • It stimulates the formation of granulation tissue and consequently re-epithelialization
  • It reduces the amount of devitalized tissue
  • Infected wounds
  • dry to minimal drainage wounds
  • partial thickness pressure ulcers
  • first and second degree burns
  • infected wounds and ulcers
  • skin erosion caused by over-infection
  • granulating ulcers
  • skin donor areas, dermabrasions in general.
Ref. Product Size Unit of sales
892063 SILVERMED cm 10 X cm 10 5 pcs
892066 SILVERMED cm 10 X cm 20 3 pcs