For skin closure


Eurosuture are adhesive sterile strips for skin sutures, resisting to tensile stresses, conformable, made of reinforced non-woven fabric in polyester and polyamide.

It is non-toxic highly breathable and hypoallergenic, excluding skin irritation. They can be used to replace traditional suture, on all linear wounds subjected to low strain of the skin, thus, reduce the risk of infection, eliminate the unaesthetic signs of the suture puntures and minimizing the formation of scars.

Due to the unique rounded edges of the strip, Eurosuture will not curl or form crinkles avoiding premature detachment from the wound edges. Placed on a support paper for an easy application.

Eurosuture is latex free.


Polyester / Polyamide: 50-50%

  • Breathable, porous, can be used on contoured body areas or where bending and movement occur.
  • Faded colour for a cosmetically pleasing appearance.
  • Eliminates puncture marks for better cosmetic result than sutures or staples.
  • Fast and easy to apply to save time.
  • Uses a hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
  • Rounded edges help prevent roll-up, curls or crinkles.
  • Available in sealed pouches E.O sterilized.
  • For use in highly contoured areas or body areas of musculoskeletal movements like joints.
  • Providing wound support following early suture or staple removal.
  • Useful for wound support post operatively and following suture removal.
  • Per congiungere i lembi di ferite di media profondità
  • Fissaggio trapianti di pelle
  • Emergency Rooms.
  • Operating Rooms.
  • Clinics and physician’s offices
Ref. Product Size Unit of sales
817410 EUROSUTURE mm 3 X mm 75 (5 strip) 10 pcs
817420 EUROSUTURE mm 6 X mm 38 (6 strip) 12 pcs
817430 EUROSUTURE mm 6 x mm 75 (6 strips) 6 pcs
817450 EUROSUTURE mm 13 X mm 100 (6 strip) 12 pcs